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We develop interactive LMS-based eLearning trainings (SCORM Compliance), motion graphics video nuggets, 2D & 3D animations, Instructor-Lead Trainings (ILTs) Computer-based Trainings (CBTs) and Web-based Trainings (WBTs).


1. e-Learning (WBT, CBT and ILT)

E learning

People on the move, while travelling or in leisure, can use our eLearning modules to get acquainted with a topic through their mobiles or tablets. We mould our learning solutions with a focus on driving performance.

2. Training Modules

Depending on your needs, our team of project managers, instructional designers, content developers, programmers and graphic designers would map and analyze your needs and create the most effective digital solutions to align with your business needs, keeping the end users in mind.


3. Games/Walkthroughs (AR/VR)


Games and interactive sessions give a boost to the learners’ critical thinking faculty, thereby building mastery over a particular topic. Games leave a visual impact on the audience; and our designers are experts in mapping game requirement to suit your business objectives.

4. Videos Nuggets (2D & 3D)

Learning by watching interactive videos boosts empathy and confidence. It helps doing similar things as shown in videos. We create videos that would enable people explore outcomes and decisions.


5. Software Simulations


Accurate and real time situations generate fail-safe environs and help in receiving actual feedback. Our team develops simulation based learning modules which gives a realistic look and in turn empowers cognitive thinking.

6. LMS Development

Measuring learning outcome of the intended audience is the key to success of any training program. Our platform of Learning Management System (LMS) uses scientific principles and helps people give their best. Also it presents a report on learning outcome, so that you can take informed decisions on what best suits you.