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Pragma LMS

Pragma LMS

Pragma LMS is world's best customized Learning Management System especially designed for mid-level companies, start-ups, universities, colleges, and educational institutes to power their learning environment at their workplaces. It is a well-designed customized LMS which will help organizations to start creating their online learning in minutes and can keep track of learning progression of their employees/students with easy-to-use plug-ins.

What features Pragma LMS has?


1) All-in-one calendar

2) Bulk course creation and easy backup

3) Collaborative tools and activities

4) Convenient file management

5) Detailed reporting and logs

6) Embed external resources

7) Manage user roles and permissions

8) Multimedia integration

9) Multiple progress tracking options

10) Notifications and automatic alerts

11) Peer and self-assessment

12) Personalized dashboard

13) Secure authentication and mass enrolment