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SmartBoard Online Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the finest and accurate learning management systems especially designed for schools, higher schools, colleges, private institutions, academies, private classes etc. Most schools today use online learning/blended approach to teaching-learning engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of schools, universities and colleges. School closures impact not only students, teachers, and families but also have far-reaching economic pressure on school owners and management. The COVID-19 taught us the importance of eLearning that has not yet implemented fully even in developed countries. This is the situation where every educational institute should think of implementing online learning management system so that even though there is any situation like this in future, their school will be operated online without affecting students’ career.

From Wikipedia: For your information, in response to school closures, UNESCO has also recommended the use of distance learning programmes and open educational applications and platforms that schools and teachers can use to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption of education. So, we recommend all our big or small educational institutes/schools to use our SmartBoard Online LMS for continuing enhancement in teaching and learning activities of your institute/school.

Using this LMS, Teachers/Principles can:

  1. Access his/her account and allocate learning material with highly secured log-ins
  2. Create and upload bulk course
  3. Take easy backup of their learning material such as videos, PPTs, PDFs, reference links, etc.
  4. Send notifications and automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines to students
  5. Post various topics on forum for students and other teachers
  6. Chat with live students and send messages
  7. Get automatic detailed reporting of every student
  8. Can track progress of each student and check completion of each learning material against allocation
  9. Take soft copy/printable hard copy of the track reports.
  10. Use Video Conferencing for teaching one to one

Students can:

  1. Access an online class
  2. Access online allocated syllabus by teachers
  3. Chat with live teachers and send messages to other students as well
  4. Get detailed reporting to showcase to his/her parents.
  5. Know completion of learning material
  6. Perform peer and self-assessment
  7. Access his/her learning material and progress details with highly secured log-ins